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Work and Career Issues

In today's society work consumes much of our day, therefore the workplace should be an environment where we feel safe and comfortable. A work place can incorporate different personalities, communication styles, and world views. However, these variables do not always equate to a harmonious workplace. Below are examples of common workplace issues: 

  • Poor job fit
  • Mental anguish
  • Sexual or verbal harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Low motivation and job dissatisfaction

How a Therapist Can Help

Therapy for work and career issues can help a person develop a better understanding of their wants and needs, as well as approach alternative ways to handle tension while on the clock.  Therapy is a neutral setting where clients can discuss their fears, worries, or stressors, and regain control of their happiness. A mental health professional can help teach coping skills that will help a client manage work-related stress.

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