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Pre-Marital Counseling: “Before You Say I Do”

The most important investment for a couple who are planning to get married is premarital counseling. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I specialize in couples counseling. Many of the couples I have counseled had perpetual issue beginning before they said, "I do." I do not know how many times people thought that things would be different after the ceremony. When I am counseling couples who are looking to go to the next step in their relationship, marriage, I highly recommend they complete pre-marital counseling.


If you are planning on staying married until death does us part, invest in your marriage by getting professional pre-marital counseling. More is spent on the wedding and divorce, then many are willing to spend on the marriage. A posting on WeddingWire 2018, stated it was too much to pay $950 for six sessions of pre-marital counseling. This person said they would be looking for other counselors whose price is much lower. Many couple’s belief one to two sessions are enough for pre-marital counseling.

According to WeddingWire.com 2018, so far this year the average cost of a wedding is $30,000. This is not including the honeymoon or ring. According to WomanDivoce.com 2018, the cost of a divorce is from $1,500 to $15,000. One would believe $30,000 is a lot of money to invest in a wedding. $15,000 for a divorce is half of the cost of an average wedding. According to HRT 2018, the price of premarital counseling is one to two percent of the cost to get married.

As I look at these figures, I am so surprised at the amount and number of people who actually invest in the marriage. HRT 2018 states about forty-four percent of couples who get married consider premarital counseling, and one percent of couples who get remarried consider premarital counseling.


  1. Enlightens each person on what they are getting. Remember there is no perfect person. As you uncover the different areas listed before, with a clear and informed conscious you can say I have enough to work with: (please note this is not a complete list)
    1. Marital readiness
    2. Yourself
    3. Stability
    4. How they deal with stress
    5. The in-law/out-law Relationship
    6. Sex
    7. Conflict management
    8. Answers question about the relationship and each other, you didn't know to ask
    9. You learn the tools for effective communication
    10. When there is an area of disagreement, you learn to come to a win-win outcome.
    11. It is always a good thing to learn before you say I do, “Is this the right person for you.”


Please note there is no guarantee that your marriage will succeed for a lifetime. However, the percentages of marriages that lasted have invested in premarital counseling are substantial. Start your life together learning what it will take to safeguard your marriage before it starts.

Begin with Premarital Counseling. 

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