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October National Depression Awareness

October is depression and mental health awareness month. These are topics often not discussed in our personal or work lives, and yet mental health disorders affect millions of families, women, men, children, and veterans alike.. As such, we are taking a moment to bring everyone’s attention to these topics, which will hopefully spark conversation and help those in our communities in need to seek out our services and resources.

There are many types of depression and mental health disorders. From Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD) to Major Depressive Disorder to Seasonal Affective Disorder, each one of these and many other mental health disorders can be diagnosed and treated in their own specific ways. There are some steps you can take to help manage your mental health, but these suggestions should not be taken as a substitute for seeing a medical professional and receiving appropriate therapy.

  • Eat a regularly healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low‐fat dairy
  • Be physically active every day, whether it’s a few 10 minute walks throughout the day or spending 60 minutes at the gym
  • Set aside time for fun and relaxation, which could mean spending an afternoon playing outside with your kids or curling up on a couch to read a book
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs, both of which can alter your mood and make a bad situation seem even worse
  • Stay connected with friends and family, because having a strong social support network is key to maintaining a happy, healthy mindset

All of these healthy coping methods have been proven effective in managing mental health and are a big part of the “Self-Care” practice discussed in last month’s blog. Working together with our team of highly effective therapists here at Living Hope Counseling Center, our commitment combined with your willingness/trust can move mountains. Sign up today with one of our therapists who will lead you into a healthier & happier tomorrow!

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