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Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or gender. Anyone and Everyone can experience mental health challenges at any time in life regardless of background. However, background identity can make access to mental health treatment difficult, it may also be a cultural taboo to seek help. In 2008 Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month was brought to life to change this.

  • Hispanic Americans and African Americans used mental health services at about ½ the rate as White Americans in the past year
  • About 1/3 Asian Americans used mental health services compared to White Americans in the past year.
  • Only 36% of Hispanic Americans received care for depression compared to 60% of White Americans

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness month, Minority Mental Health Awareness month was developed by Mental Health America to shed light on the mental health difficulties and experiences within minority communities such as the African American, Hispanic, Indigenous, and Asian communities. Minority groups experience unique concerns, trauma, stress, and obstacles because of cultural differences, and social issues. It is important that counselors and therapists be culturally competent to provide a safe environment for everyone and help diminish stigma, cultural bias, and improve access to treatment.

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