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5 Minutes Each Morning

For the last 6 months I started a new morning ritual that only takes minutes.  I am usually not a long -term commitment type of person as far as activities go. I will start something and get bored or tired of it after a few times. However, this time I stuck with it, and want to share with others.

Every morning after I get up, I make my cup of coffee and go sit outside by my pool (weather permitting), or on my couch and take my time sipping my coffee and saying some positive affirmations.

 Some examples:

“I am Blessed; I am Grateful; Life is Beautiful; Today is going to be great day,; Nothing or no-one will disturb my peace”. Once I finish my coffee, I am relaxed and ready to start my day.

Research says that to develop a new habit you must practice it for 21 days, after that it becomes a lifestyle. Well, it has become a lifestyle and I find myself much calmer and more relaxed first thing in the morning.

I invite you to try it. You can start with whatever your drink of choice is first thing in the morning, coffee, tea, milk, water, smoothie etc. Put away any distractions, but you can have some soft instrumental music in the background if you like, but avoid having your phone, tv nearby.  Enjoy your drink, while saying your affirmations, quietly or oud loud. Take a pause, after each one, breathe and look at your surroundings. If outside, listen to sounds of nature around you.

Once you are done with your drink usually it takes 5 minutes, pay attention to your feelings, and get ready to start your day.

Remember this is your 5 minutes to spend and get you ready for the day. Today is a gift, yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised!!!

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