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National Men's Health Month

In 1992, The Men’s Health Network began celebrating men’s health month. It was designed to bring awareness to men’s health issues. Since we celebrate our fathers during this month it is an excellent time to encourage all the men in your life about the importance of bringing attention to preventable health issues and obtaining regular checkups for early detection. It is important for men to have a healthy diet and exercise regiment, maintain good prostate health, as well as their mental health. Statistics show that men die five years earlier than women and this is due to men’s lack of seeking treatment. The Cleveland clinic conducted a study that showed 40% of men seek healthcare treatment only when serious issues arise in their lives. Men must be encouraged to seek preventative health care, and this includes their mental health treatment too, because the American Psychological Association reports that men avoid seeking mental health treatment due to the difficulty men have with expressing their feelings and emotions. We raise our boys to be strong and not cry and they grow up feeling that they can’t show emotions and if they do it is a sign of weakness. Seeking early treatment is a sign of strength. The mind, body, and spirit are connected so encourage the men in your life to care for each of them. They can start by making an appointment to see their primary doctor, make small changes to their diet, begin an exercise program, and having a spiritual connection with Jesus Christ is the beginning to living a whole fulfilled life.

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