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The Hidden Blessings of Quarantine

March 2020, our lives changed drastically.  It seemed like overnight we were told to stay home, and only go out for necessities. Businesses shut down. People started to work from home, schools shut down and students had to adjust to online education.

People started lining up at grocery stores before dawn. Water, disinfectant sprays, toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizers became “Hot Commodities.

We couldn’t leave our house without having a mask and that became a topic of discussion among many.

Even tough life as we knew it, was no more, we could look at this as a blessing in many ways.

  • Everyone started focusing more on their health, washing hands often, sanitizing house, cars, etc. Taking vitamins, drinking water.

  • Families got to spend more time with each other; cooking at home, eating together as a family.

  • Fast pace life of rushing came to a standstill and we started to appreciate simpler things in life.

Yes, it is scary, and this Coronavirus has affected many families, and many lost loved ones, their jobs, and had to make drastic changes, but if we look at this with a different attitude , we can focus on thigs we are grateful for; our family, our health, our home, technology, and even though it has been a long seven months, “This too Shall Pass.”

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