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Healthy Aging

As I celebrated my 60th birthday last week, I decided to look into Healthy aging.

Society and the media tend to focus on the younger population.

Women especially tend to lie about their age, spent thousands on hair coloring, anti-aging products and some even resort to plastic surgery to look younger.

Society and the media seem to be more forgiving of men aging. You will see gray haired men on tv, movies and magazines, but not too many women.

I believe that we must focus on our whole health not just outwards. Here are some tips to help you age healthy and gracefully:

Be kind to your skin. -Your skin is your body's largest organ. Use sunscreen when outdoors

Smile-It’s reduces stress, and strengthen your immune system

Stay physically active. -Exercise, even a short walk is exercise

Mind your diet. -Eat balanced meals, avoid extreme dieting

Quit smoking and decrease alcohol consumption.

Get enough sleep-Turn off electronics 30 minutes before bedtime

Lower your stress. --Set healthy boundaries

Mental health matters. If you feel stressed, anxious, stressed, seek help. There is no shame in getting help.

Last enjoy aging, beats the alternative; dying young.

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