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Mental Health Checkup


Have you done your Mental Heath Checkup?

We go to the doctor for our yearly physical check ups, but do we remember to do regular Mental Health check ups?

Some questions to consider:

Am I taking care of me? Eating healthy, exercising,sleeping well, having time for fun and relaxation?

Do I engage in healthy and meaningful relationships?  Social connections with extended family, friends, colleagues?

Am I maintaining healthy boundaries? Do I say “ no” ,when I feel overcommitted?

Are there any habits I need to change or let go?  Do I watch what I feed my body and mind?

In order to keep our mind healthy , we must check ourselves regularly . We must practice “Self- Care”, set boundaries, take mini- breaks, connect with others,and  have fun without feeling guilty.

At Living Hope Counseling we can help you address these questions and develop a plan to maintain a healthy, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

Stay Healthy and Safe.

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