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National Stress Awareness Day – April 16, 2020

Stress is a normal part of everyone’s life.  For many, stress is chronic and goes unnoticed.  Being mindful of your mind and body’s response is so important.  Currently, the world is under immense stress due to the community crisis known as COVID-19.  This pandemic has caused people to lose their jobs, lose loved ones, and fear the unknown.  A common reaction to all of this is stress.  The constant worry of how bills will be paid, groceries will be bought, or if your loved ones will get infected, can take a tremendous toll on the body.  Symptoms of stress include being easily agitated, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty quieting your mind, having low energy, headaches, insomnia, and much more.  In the long run, stress can lead to serious medical issues and have a negative impact on your relationships.  By being mindful of our situation and how we are responding, both consciously and unconsciously, we can manage our stress.  April 16, 2020 has been set aside for Americans to sit back and practice being aware of just how stressed out they really are.  My hope is that you will take some time to relax, be mindful, and practice some self-care. 



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